To go out with love for the city

To perceive the city as a trust

A trust that we have to coddle and carry on to the next generation without consuming, but by redesigning it with the values of our new age. And this can only be achieved with a great love, wisdom, and morality.

144 years of living in Istanbul

Kadir Topbas's father, whose family had come to Istanbul from Artvin in 1860s, opened up a 'muhallebi' store in Kasımpasa, in 1935. Topbas had spent his years as a child and youngster in this neighborhood. The fact that he knows the environment, culture, and people he serves to, makes him distinguished.

To supervise with team spirit

A municipality conception which is carried to a point beyond the personal dimension, with a governing experience that is earned by architecture and art history education, and working within teams for years, will be the greatest advantage of the city.

Not to present what he does not approve

The principle of the Mayor's father of not serving customers 'muhallebi' (a Turkish desert, resembling pudding) that was not prepared right, has been an indispensable tenet for Kadir Topbas. Considering his every initiative, he tends to present to the public only those which he approves for himself, too.

To be the voice of public

Kadir Topbas perceives politics as an art of getting acquainted, joining together; and he calls this 'the school of politics.' In the school of politics where he joined 30 years ago, he has been carrying on to be the voice of public, and protector of desolates. By keeping in mind where he comes from and remaining real...