The Institutional Strategic Plan of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which has been prepared as a result of a one-year study period with the broad participation from participants both within and outside the institution, was approved by the Municipal Council meeting held on July 14, 2006. The vision, mission, and principles of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were established in the workshops which took place within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the participation of all the directors and executive officers working within the institution. In addition to this, the valuable opinion and suggestions of the people of Istanbul were also put to use during the vision making process.


“It is the mission of the Municipality to offer local services to all residents with the understanding of providing an efficient and effective governance with the most up-to-date, equitable, and open to development qualities in order to fulfill our responsibilities in regards to Istanbul, which has been at the meeting point of civilizations, to increase the quality life of its citizens, the consolidation of the city’s unique identity, and to make a meaningful contribution to make it a respected world city.”


“It is the vision of the Municipality to make the city a sustainable world city which has a high quality of life for its citizens, as a pioneer and leader the Municipality makes a claim to the unique legacy of Istanbul, which is a city of Turkey’s  very visible face and the window opening to the world.



Our Municipality is based on legally binding assertion for all of our shareholders in delivering public services.


Our Municipality is based on gaining the confidence of the people of Istanbul, its employees, and shareholders and to be worthy of this trust.


Our Municipality is based on being transparent and giving an account of itself  in delivering public services.


It is essential to meet the needs and expectations of the people of Istanbul and the city of Istanbul and that our municipality offers  them at the most optimal level and with high quality.


It is essential to use the Municipality’s resources within the framework of the principles of efficiency, productivity, and frugality.


Our Municipality is based on providing a social dialogue, social contributions, and social ownership through meeting with its shareholders on a common ground in planning and delivering the services through a participatory approach to communicate with all related parties.


It is essential for us to be such a municipality that is determined, self-confident, brave, entrepreneuring, innovative, leading, and pioneering.

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