Compete With Your Art International Printing Contest For People With Disabilities

The contest is open to all ages and all disability groups, on condition that 40% disability health board report.

Painting Contest Specification





Work owners can use every material and technique they desire.


Exhibitor Profile

The contest is open to all ages and all disability groups, on condition that 40% disability health board report.


Requirements to be submitted to the Competition

  • Applicants can participate in the competition with only one work.
  • Those who will participate in the competition are required to submit their name, surname, a copy of disability health board report, brief resume, contact information and name of the work at delivery. (Apart from disability health board report - disabled ID card etc. will not be accepted.)
  • The long side of the work should not be longer than 100 cm.
  • Works can be sent by cargo to the addresses mentioned, or delivered to the mentioned adress on weekdays between 9: 00-16: 00 personally.
  • It is necessary that the works have not entered or awarded any competition before.
  • Damaged works will not be evaluated. Therefore, works should be cargoed in such a (protected) way that the works will not be damaged. The owners are responsible for the damaged works.

              Delivery Locations

Works will be sent to the mentioned adress by using PTT that we are contracted.



                  Hacı Mimi Mah. Karabaş Mektebi Sok.

No:24 PK: 34425 Tophane/Beyoğlu


Contest Calender

The deadline for submission of the works is 01.04.2020. Cargoes submitted after 01.04.2020 will not be accepted.


The award ceremony 

The details of the ceromony will be announced in the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality web site



The rating is not limited to the first three; talented applicants will be also rewarded. Evaluation of the works will be done by our jury members whose names are mentioned.  

Jury Board

Ahmet Güneştekin

Dilek İmamoğlu

Ertuğrul Özkök

Fatoş Altınbaş

Sinem Güven


Works that do not enter the rating can be delivered personally from Beyoğlu Disabled Center within working hours between 01.06.2020- 03.08.2020. Competition organization is not responsible for the works not received.

Other Provisions

All legal rights and copyright provisions of the winning entries belongs to the the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality branch. Participants have transferred all their rights, such as exhibition, sales etc. of the works participating in the competition to the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Branch.

Those who have sent their works to the contest shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of this contest.

Contact Information

                              Phone number : +90 212 449 96 80  - 60

E-mail                  :

Painting Contest Specification


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