The Municipal Council acts according to the reference law no: 3030, article 10. A single council should be elected to run the city and should be known as the competent authority for all decisions regarding local services Council membership should be a professional  quality and council members should be paid for their work.

Having just one council will remove problems regarding coordination and areas of authority, and will lead to more adequate, efficient and effective decision-making. For this reason, "District Special Management" should be established.  In addition in order to have more effective service, the authority of central   government departments with the city limits which give local service should be turned over to the council.

For this reason, a strong council is needed. The city's problems should be diagnosed and solved by this council. In order o able to fulfil its  job in an effective and productive manner, this council should be able to pass laws regarding the city's problems which should be binding on neighborhood officials. Strategic and operational plans regarding the solution of city's problems should be prepared and the problem of finding resources should be resolved. When necessary, the council should be able to pass taxes and impose a tax on the same ratio.

Important Fuctions of the Municipal Council are:

Reviewing and controlling the award of contracts.

Approving the use of reserves to cover un expected expenses.

Setting of fare prices for municipality transport.

  • Weather Forecast
  • Traffic
  • Social Facilities