The Metropolitan Municipal Council acts in accordance with Article 10 of the Law no. 3030. A single Council is selected to run the city as the competent authority for all decisions regarding local services. Council membership must be of professional quality and Council members shall be paid for their work.

The existence of a single council shall eliminate problems regarding coordination and jurisdiction, and shall lead to a more efficient decision-making. For this reason, a Special Provincial Administration is established. In order to provide a more efficient service, the authority of the central government bodies whose service falls within the boundaries of local management shall be turned over to the Council.

A strong Council is therefore required to diagnose and solve the problems of the city. In order to be able to fulfill its job in an effective and productive manner, this Council is able to pass laws regarding the city's problems, and the laws are binding for local officials. Strategic and operational plans regarding the solution of the city's problems are devised, and the problem of finding resources shall thus be resolved. When necessary, the Council is also able to collect taxes.

Important Functions of the Municipal Council are:

  • Reviewing and controlling the award of contracts.
  • Approving the use of reserves to cover unexpected expenses.
  • Setting fare prices for municipal transport.
  • Weather Forecast
  • Traffic
  • Social Facilities