26 August Wednesday

IMM prepared the most comprehensive Culture Map of Istanbul…

The most comprehensive 'Cultural Map' of Istanbul prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is being distributed free of charge to Istanbulians and tourists.The map, which contains important historical and touristic sites of Istanbul including detailed information and how to reach these sites offers a unique service.

Citizens, who want to know their city better and tourist a who came to visit our city now have a very important introductory guide. After three months of intensive work, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Tourism, which is a subdivision of the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs, prepared the most comprehensive and useful “ Cultural Map” of Istanbul. The map is available in both Turkish and English for the convenience of both Istanbulians and tourists who visit our city.

The map basically contains the Historical Peninsula, Eyüp, Üsküdar, and the important historical and touristic sites of Beşiktaş. It also contains historical mosques, tombs, churches, synagogues, museums, cultural centers, and historical centers. In addition to these sites, official buildings, famous avenues-streets, theaters,libraries,hospitals, sports halls, places such as national parks in great demand, social facilities operated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are also located on the map.

The works of the Prehistoric period, East-Rome, the Byzantine Period, the Classical Ottoman Period, the Westernization Period of the Ottoman Empire and the Republican Period are described in detail with accompanying drawings and photographs. On the back page of the “Istanbul Culture Map” are colorful works belonging to the Byzantine Empire, Otoman Empire, and Republican period.

Moreover, one of the most important features of the map is that of the inner city, the country side transport facilities, and all the land, air, sea routes to reach the historical sites of the city. The railway system is also shown on the map. The map, printed in color on a cast coated paper measuring 64X90 cm, is both practical and easy to read with its stylish design and easy folding.  

The "Istanbul Cultural Map," which is essential in particular for conventions and events held in Istanbul, can be obtained free of charge at the squares of Eminönü, Beşiktaş, Üsküdar, and Kadıköy as well as the Cevahir Shopping Center. The map, which has already become of intense interest for Istanbulians and visitors, offers a unique service as the most comprehensive work in its field.

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