24 October Friday

Government Minister Kürşat Tüzmen visited BELBİM Stand…

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-US><span lang=EN-US>Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality BELBİM Co attended to 12<sup>th</sup> International MUSİAD Fair.</span> </span></p>

Government Minister Kürşat Tüzmen who visited BELBİM Stand in 12th International MUSİAD Fair, took information about AKYOLBIL vehicle computer which will be used next soon.

Minister who emphasized its home made, thanked employers for project and took information about BELBIM products.

Also, Transportation solutions of BELBİM attracted attentions of visitors and AKYOLBİL Project became cynosure of local and foreign visitors.

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