23 December Wednesday

Safer Traffic with EDS in Istanbul...

The Electronic Monitoring System (Elektronik Denetleme Sistemi - EDS) was developed and upgraded by the Turkish engineers working at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in order to prevent traffic infringements and provide more convenient and safer traffic management and control in Istanbul.

EDS is a system for identifying vehicles violating the rules, detecting their plate numbers and issuing traffic fines according to the relevant law.

Monitored Area Violation Detection System is installed in Istanbul’s intersections and monitors for violations by drivers, including a speed control systems and electronic monitor systems, or EDS. When an infraction is detected, wide and narrow angle photos of the vehicle are taken. Those who are at fault will be prosecuted accordingly.

The system also monitors traffic in congested intersections by following vehicles who enter the congestion, again recording violations with fixed and moving cameras.

The hatched area EDS system will be used especially at Dolmabahçe Intersection, Büyükdere Street (the front of Kanyon Building), Edirnekapı Intersection, Fındıkzâde Intersection as well as many common areas in Istanbul.
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