19 November Thursday

İGDAŞ Wins Quality Award

Istanbul’s Natural Gas provider İGDAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was awarded the Grand Prize at the 24th National Quality Awards ceremony in Istanbul yesterday.

The ceremony was hosted by Turkey Quality Foundation (KalDer). Mr. Mehmet Çevik, the General Director of İGDAŞ, said that this was Turkey’s largest and most prestigious quality competition.

He continued: “The National Quality Awards play an important role in fostering a culture of quality in Turkey. About 13,500 kilometers of pipelines bring fuel to about 3.7 million domestic users and 1,300 industrial customers, making İGDAŞ one of the world’s biggest natural gas distributors. About 2,300 employees in 77 locations serve customers in both the European and the Asian sides of the city. The company’s ambition is to succeed as a national leader and a world-renowned brand, thanks to its knowledge and experience.”
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