09 April Tuesday

Istanbul Center for International Students has opened in Istanbul

Istanbul Center for International Students – ICIST, supported by Istanbul Development Agency and conducted by Foreign Relations Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been opened at Ali Emiri Efendi Culture Center in Fatih, Istanbul. The project began with a slogan “I See Istanbul” that allow students to learn about the unique physical and cultural treasures of Istanbul City.

Speaking at the official inauguration ceremony, Mr. Hüseyin Eren, the deputy-secretary general of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality touched on the significance of the responsibility of looking after the foreign students who enrol in the schools of Istanbul. He said: “They were our guests. We act our guests as they are our guests and do everything to make them happy. I believe that this project will make a big difference in the course of time and it will provide services to many foreign students studying in Istanbul.”

Istanbul Center for International Students – ICIST aims to help international students and scholars to achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals. In addition, Orientation for new international students to facilitate their transition to the Turkey and universities located in Istanbul. It also aims to participate in programs and activities that promote the adjustment and integration of international students into the city life and local communities.
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