17 July Friday

ISPARK is cheaper than European car parks

ISPARK gives cheaper car park service than car parks in many cities of Europe.

According to ordering of Colliers International that search the most expensive car park fee of the world and published by The Economist Magazine, the most expensive car park fees are paid in London and Amsterdam. Daily cost of parking fee in the center of London is 56 USA Dollars, amount per month is also 1020 USA Dollars. Daily cost of parking fee in Amsterdam is 70 USA Dollars, also , amount per month is lower it is 805 USA Dollars. The cheapest car park place is Chennai city of India with daily 96 cent.
When car park fees of ISPARK, Istanbul is cheaper than many European car park fees. At the point of ISPARK, 5 Turkish Liras are taken for 2 hours, this refers to 24 TL (15,3 ABD Dollars) in daily

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