29 August Friday

My project Istanbul shortlisted for the final in Europe

<span lang=EN-US>My Project Istanbul, is shortlisted for the Cooperation Award of EUROCITIES, the network </span><span lang=EN-US>of major European Cities in which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality takes part as an associated member; and the winner will be announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that’s going to be held this year in The Hague during November 26-29. Other finalists in the same category came out to be Ghent of Belgium and Lublin of Poland.</span>

As a Europe-wide renowned organization EUROCITIES holds its AGMs each year where representatives from so many European local authorities come together and discuss and exchange on what’s in the European Union’s agenda concerning the local level. This year’s AGM will concentrate on the theme of “Building Active Cities: modern citizenship and integrated governance”. EUROCITIES Awards as being one of the core components of AGMs are given each year in three categories: Participation, Cooperation and Innovation. With a maximum of 32 entries this year, 9 were chosen for the shortlist by the EUROCITIES Award Jury headed by Deputy Mayor Mr. G. Ph. Huffnagel of The Hague. In consultancy with the Municipal Department of Strategy Development, the Municipal Directorate of Foreign Relations carried out My Project İstanbul’s nomination for the EUROCITIES Cooperation Award; and the other finalists in the same award category include Ghent and Lublin of Belgium and Poland respectively.

The award nominee My Project İstanbul aims at supporting research projects, graduate and postgraduate dissertations related to the work of the Municipality within the framework of protocols executed with all of the 22 universities in İstanbul. Since its inception in June 2006, 372 project entries, out of which 141 was admitted, have been received. My Project İstanbul supports projects that are feasible to be applied in public services within the Municipality’s scope of duties and that might help improve the living standards in İstanbul. The related public service sectors are mobility; infrastructure, environment and energy use; planning and development; disaster and risk management; culture and tourism; and health, social aid and well being. 32 projects have been finalized so far.

EUROCITIES is a network established in 1986 that gathers 179 European cities, municipalities and other forms of local authorities from more than 30 European countries. EUROCITIES provides a platform for promoting exchanges, analyzing common problems and producing effective responses. EUROCITIES is in close relation with the European Union Institutions, through this it can afford its members having their say in the Community’s decision making processes, policy agenda and work programme. This network is actively involved in economic development and cohesion policy; provision of public services; environment; mobility and transportation; employment and social affairs; culture, education, information and knowledge society; governance and international cooperation. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality became an associated member in EUROCITIES since November 2004, whereas full membership is confined to cities from EU member countries only.


Shortlisted entries are listed at EUROCITIES 2008 AGM website and can be accessed through the link below:


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