17 July Friday

New appointments in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Some positions were changed in some departments of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. While new appointment is made for  vacancy directorates, duty stations of some directors were changed.


Davut Çakır  Head of Investigation and  Projects Department
Dursun Balcıoğlu  Head of Transportation Department
Turan Dede  Director of Real Estate
Abdurrahman Ay  Director of Budget and Supervision
Kenan Kırtıl  Director of Finance
Ayhan Kılınç  Director of Town Committee Transactions
Halil İbrahim Perçinkaya  Director  of Purchasing
İdris Atabay  Director of  Urban Transformation
Vedat Şahin  Director of Housing
Cevat Yaman  Director of EU Relations
Abdullah Çolak  Director of Directorate of Expropriation
Ali İhsan Öztürk   Director of Affiliates Coordination
Hüseyin Kara  Director of Infrastructural Coordination

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