10 July Friday

Syrian Consul General affected from transportation technologies of Istanbul...

Syrian Istanbul  Consul General Safwan Ghanem visited Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Control Center and ISBAK Co and took information about transportation technologies.

To get know ISBAK Co and take information about services in Syrian, Istanbul Consul General Safwan Ghanem visited Traffic Control Center and ISBAK Co.

Visiting of Consul General Safwan Ghanem started in Traffic Control Center. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Director of Traffic Control Center Necip Ertaş gave information about management of city traffic and used systems. Consul General Safwan Ghanem  who analyzed Traffic Density Map, EDS (Electronic Control System ), “Cep Trafik” , said his impression from traffic management of Istanbul.

After Traffic Control Center, Ghanem who went to ISBAK Co. took detailed information about technologies, produced by ISBAK, from General Director Mr. Kasım Kutlu.  Kutlu who told about R&D, production and control  facilities, said that “ We plan, produce and provide continuity of technology.“

Guest Consul General who affected from Electronic Control System, LED Screen, Junction Control Equipment, Traffic lights, Lightening Control System, Cep Trafik, Mobile EDS and Traffic Information Systems, said that “ We want to see similar systems in Syria.

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