13 April Wednesday

Kibera - On The Edge Of Life, Topbaş to visit the world's agenda

Mayor TOPBAS, ‘I have two main duties. I will deal with these kind of issues on a global scale’ .

Kibera is a neighborhood of the city of Nairobi, capital of Kenya and one of the largest slums of the world. The neighborhood was at the agenda of the world twice in one week upon the visit of the UNACLA Chairman Mr Kadir Topbas.

Nearly 2 million people are living in tin-shed houses in 4 square kilometers of area, and each day it witnesses a struggle for life for less than 1 dollar per day. Kibera attracted the world’s attention last week upon the report of Le Monde’s correspondent, Florence Beaugé.

UCLG President Mr Kadir Topbas has strengthened his role as a global leader during his visit to Nairobi, Kenya where he has been appointed the Chairman of United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA). Mr Topbas visited the second largest slum of Africa –ignoring the security warnings- with his delegation including the Ambassador of Turkey to the Republic of Kenya, Mr Tuncer Kayalar and talked to the people on the streets of Kibera and described the neighborhood as “the world’s shame”. People are living in shacks with no toilet and kitchen facilities and where the ground is composed of refuse and rubbish. The lack of sanitation accounts for infectious diseases and illnesses.

Kadir Topbas who has been highly affected by the dramatic view of Kibera said, “I have two fundamental duties on a global scale. One of them is the Presidency of UCLG and the other one is the Chairmanship of UNACLA. I will struggle with these kind of settlement issues all around the world but not just in Africa. This problem has to be settled for the peace of the world and humanity as a whole”. 



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