30 April Friday

Trade Minister of Iraq visits IMP

Visiting IMP (Istanbul Metropolitan Planning), Safa al-Din Al Safi, Trade Minister of Iraq   and his committee took information about some projects.

Safa al-Din Al Safi, Trade Minister of Iraq who held official talks and his committee visited Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In the meeting which IMP was introduced by Pro Dr İbrahim Baz, Mayor advisor and IMP Coordinator; Ahmet Ağıman, General Director of BIMTAŞ Co; İsmet Yıldırım, General Director of KİPTAŞ Co.; Enver Büyük, Technical Director of BİMTAŞ  and managers of some Turkish construction business firms participated.

In the meeting which an English presentation was presented, city planning, project development, and management of cultural heritage were summarized. Safa al-Din Al Safi, Trade Minister of Iraq said that they want to work together. Information about some projects whose models are exhibited in IMP

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