21 March Tuesday

People in Istanbul mark Newroz celebrations…

People attended Newroz celebrations at Topkapi Culture Park in Istanbul, Turkey on March 21, 2017.

As part of the festival, which  jointly organized by Istanbul Governorship (IG), Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Culture Co., a subsidiary of the Greater City of Istanbul and signifies the joy of spring, a fire was lit, iron and stone were beaten and traditional dances were performed.

Istanbul Governor Mr. Vasip Sahin and Istanbul Mayor Mr. Kadir Topbas Zeytinburnu District Mayor Mr.Murat Aydin, representatives of the Turkic Republics and as well as a large number of students and citizens attended the celebrations on Tuesday.

Mayor Topbaş said:“Newroz represents friendship, fellowship, harmony, love and rebirth of flora and fauna.”

The Newroz festival, which also symbolizes brotherhood and peace, has been celebrated for more than 18 centuries across Anatolia and Asia. It marks the start of a New Year and is considered as a forerunner of spring.

The March 21 festival is celebrated mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Turkic Republics such as Azerbaijan, Caucasus countries, Albania and Macedonia.

Newroz is also a UN-recognized international cultural day. 

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