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Mayor Topbaş became co-chairman of UCGL organization…

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş became co-chairman of UCGL ( United Cities and Local Governments) organization.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş became the head of  world municipalities with unanimities of over 300 members at meeting of World Council after United Cities and Local Governments Organization second Congress.
Main subject of UCGL - United Cities and Local Governments Organization Second Congress was “Alternating Cities directs our World”

In the last day of Congress, meetings of UCGL General Meeting and UCGL World Council were done and UCGL administrators who will do duty at 2007-2010 term, were selected.  Mayor Topbaş was nominated a candidate by local governments from such continents and countries such as Union of China Municipalities,  Union of American Cities, Union of Indonesia Municipalities, Union of Palestine Local Governments, Union of Turkey Municipalities, Barcelona Municipality, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, eriha, Kazan, Montreal and Venice Municipalities.
With Mayor Topbaş, also;  Mayors of Paris, Johannesburg (South Africa), Quito (Equator) and Guangzu (China) Municipalities were selected as co-chairman by UCLG World Council.
After Mayor Topbaş was selected as co-chairman, “ UCLG is only attorney of local governments by United Nations, European Union, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)” he said.

Organizing World Congress every three years, UCGL evaluates and discusses the developments in public government. In Second World Congress, approximately 2500 selected  and designated local governors, academics, civil society institutions and private sector representatives got together. In meetings, present policies overviewed and for local governments new policies were set, in order to find common and permanent solutions to problems, important steps were taken.
- Cities which are future of humanity: against the climate change.
- Diplomacy of city: Local governments compose the peace.
- 2015: better world is possible. In a new global governments, main subjects of local governments were discussed.
In congress, right along with simultaneous workroom works,  some meetings, engineering trips was done. World Urban Fair was visited by many people.
It was decided that 2010 UCLG will be done in Santiago city of  Chile.

UCGL ( United Cities and Local Governments)
By reason of  long time which started in 1996, in Habitat II Conference which is organized in Istanbul, International Union of Local Authorities which is oldest municipality union and Fédération Mondiale des Cités Unies–United Towns Organization combined under the name of - United Cities and Local Governments with METROPOLIS.

United Cities and Local Governments Organization whose head Office is in Barcelona city of Spain, went into operation on January 2004 and became the biggest active union of local government.
“ Being combined sound and defender of democratic local governments in world scale playing along with local governments and international assemblage and protecting their values, aims and benefits” are main aims of organization.
United Cities and Local Governments Organization has a structure of decentralize management which is seperated into 7 region. These regions are Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Eurasia (Russia and New Independence Counties), Middle East and West Asia (UCLG-MEWA), Latin America and North America.
Within UCLG, there are local governments, union of local governments  in different size from 140 countries. The top unit of UCLG is General Meeting which includes all members. It is a basic decision unit in which policies of World Council with 346 members are determined, chairman and vice chairman are selected. Responsibilities of board of directors are overturing and subjects of finance administration.
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş was selected as  World Vice Chairman and and UCLG-MEWA Chairman in UCLG Foundation Congress on May 2004.
At the time of his Works, Mayor Topbaş represented to local governments in Middle East and West Asia regions firstly  within United Nations and European Union and in international meetings and activities.

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