25 January Monday

Immediate interference to icing

Frost and icing was confirmed by “Otomatik Yol Meteoroloji Gözlem Sensörleri” (Automatic road observation sensors) which were built on 25 critical points of Istanbul by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The lowest temperature recorded in Istanbul nowadays. According to announcements from the State Meteorology Directorate, temperatures were minus 5 degrees Celsius. In Silivri, Şile, Çatalca, Kilyos, temperature dropped minus 7 degrees Celsius

 “Erken Uyarı Sistemi” (EUS) (Early Warning System) provided to early interfere to icing and frost. With these works, salt, solution and time were saved.


In accordance with information from Otomatik Yol Meteoroloji Gözlem Sensörleri” (Automatic road observation sensor) which was built on 25 critical points of Istanbul by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, team are sent and conducted. Sensors that forecast the weather electronically, send data to AKOM (Disaster Coordination Center via GPRS modem. Sending data to all heads who work in field, information about situation is given and if there is frost or icing, teams interfere.

With help of Otomatik Yol Meteoroloji Gözlem Sensörleri (Automatic road observation sensor);

1. Time and location of icing are determined previously.
2. Chemicals that are poured on roads, are used sufficiently and at the right time.
3. Rain, snow, frost, icing, storm and fog are determined previously. In order to decrease loss of life and property are provided early and right interfere.


* Wind Speed
* Wind Direction.
* Weather Temperature.
* Relative Humidity.
* Present weather, snowfall intensity and visibility range
* Temperature of road surface.
* The thickness of liquid layer on the road surface
* The amount of chemical anti-icing on road surface
* Freezing temperature of liquid layer on the road surface.
* Road surface condition (dry, wet or damp)
* The presence of ice on the road, risk of freezing, and the estimated frost duration

Regions where temperature sensors are available

Eyüp; Golden Horn Bridge
Gop; O -2 Highway
Bayrampaşa; Sağmalcılar viaduct
Bağcılar; O-2 highway Mahmutbey viaduct
Eminönü; Yenikapı heliport
Avcılar; Ispartakule viaduct
Büyükçekmece;  D–100 haramidere, d–100 b.çekmece 's' curves
Bakırköy, Atatürk Airport Junction
Beşiktaş; Barbaros Boulevard, Yıldız Region
Sarıyer; Hacıosman Hill, Zekeriyaköy Road.
Şişli;Levent Zincirlikuyu Junction, İTÜ Maslak
Kâğıthane;  AKOM
Silivri; Silivri Tem Highway and Kavaklı Region
Ümraniye; Ümraniye – Tem
On Üsküdar; Libadiye flyover junction – Çamlıca
Tuzla; Servet Bayramoğlu Viaduct
Pendik; Pendik
Kartal; Samandıra toll gates – Uğur Mumcu Kartal
Kadıköy; Rıdvan Dedeoğlu Viaduct
Beykoz; kavacık – Beykoz Accommodation Road.
Ümraniye; Alemdağ
Şile; Şile


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