12 January Tuesday

Excitement of World Ice Hockey in Silivrikapı Ice Rink

Silivrikapı Ice Rink that is established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, hosted “International Ice Hockey World Championship Under 20 years.”

Between 04th-10th January 2010,“International Ice Hockey World Championship Under 20 years” which was organized by Turkey Ice Hockey Federation with contributions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, performed in Silivrikapı Ice Rink which is run by Silivrikapı Ice Rink.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2nd Deputy Mayor and the president of the IMM Football Club,Göksel Gümüşdağ, Deputy Governor of Istanbul Ali Bakoğlu, Istanbul Provincial Deputy Director General of Youth and Sports Yaşar Kaptan Başaran, the Youth and Sports Director of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Osman Avcı, the General Director of Sports Co Alpaslan Baki Ertekin, President of Turkey Ice Hockey Federation Akın Kılavuz, Provincial Director of Youth and Sport Tamer Taşpınar, World Ice Hockey Deputy President Horst Lichtner were in the audiences. The championship which was completed on January 10, 2010, was published in TRT (Turkish Radio Television).

More than 200 athletes and administrators from Turkey, Iceland, Australia, Bulgaria, North Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand attended to the championship, organized in 2 groups. Defeating Bulgaria in the first match, Turkey Ice Hockey Team paired with Taiwan.
Turkey Ice Hockey team during the match the first match by defeating Bulgaria 8-7, was paired with Taiwan. The Turkish National Team that lost the closely contested match with 6-3 score, completed match in 6th level.

In the contests that have continued during a week, finals of Iceland and Australia Ice Hockey Teams were watched excitedly. The Australian Team is the champion.

The best player of championship final was Mathew Lindsay from Australian Team, the best goalkeeper was Andrew Crowther (Australia), the best defense was David Kudla (Australia) the best striker was Matthlas Sigurdarson (Ice land)

President of Federation Akın Kılavuz who spoke in closing ceremony on 10th January, said that Silivrikapı Ice rink will accelerate to ice sport. We thank Kadir Topbaş for this foundation.
The awards were given to Ranking Teams in championship

Ranking in International Ice Hockey World Championship Under 20 years

1 Australia
2 Iceland
3 North Korea
4 New Zealand
5 Taiwan
6 Turkey
7 Bulgaria




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