04 January Monday

Metropolitan Municipality helps 900 orphans in a day

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality whose infrastructure and transport investments continue rapidly helps 900 orphans everyday. Social Service’s team of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality visits 900 poor families everyday.

While Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to raise living standarts with its investments such as transport, healthcare, education, infrastructure work, resumes social works. Thanks to“ Evde Sağlık” ( Health care at home) Project, conducted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Health and Social Services, 900 orphaned, poor or disabled Istanbul people are visited by Women Coordination Center, Team of Social Services in a day.

Teams of Evde Sağlık works devotedly

Evde Sağlık Teams that services poor people from centers in Tozkoparan, Edirnekapı and Üsküdar, has given service total 622.330 people since 2004. Services includes medical examination, nurse, patient care, physical therapy and hospital care.

Metropolitan Municipality takes disabled and old people's sides

In the frame of social municipality policy, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality brings disabled and old people to social life by taking from their home.


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