08 April Thursday

IMM Storms at “Information Oscars”

At the IDC CIO Summit, which is considered to be the "Oscars" of the Information Technology (IT) world, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) won first place in three categories, second place in one category, third place in one category, and one special jury award, receiving a total of six awards. Belbim Inc., a subsidiary of the IMM, won the second and third place in two categories.

This year, the IMM stormed the 'IDC CIO Awards' event, which is organized annually to present the influential digital transformation initiatives of leading information technology leaders. IMM projects, acclaimed in six different categories at the IDC CIO Awards that bring together the leading institutions and organizations of the IT sector, received great interest in the fields of both IT and social benefit.

First Prize For Bill on the Hook

The IMM won first place in three different categories with three different projects. In "IT Governance" category, The Social Economic Support System Project for tracking the requests of Istanbulites who ask for social and economic support, took the first place.

The IMM Big Data Management Project, for developing new big data projects, using data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence technologies in business processes won first prize in the "IT Change Management" category. The Bill on the Hook Application, bringing together philanthropists and those in need, was awarded the first prize in the "IT Cost Efficiency" category.

The Bill on the Hook Application was awarded also the second place in the "Business Enablement" category. The third prize was to the "We Will Succeed Together With Our Healthcare Professionals" project that offers free accommodation support to healthcare workers. In addition, the IDC CIO Award Ceremony "Jury Special Award" was given to Mr. Erol Özgüner, head of IMM Information Technology Department.

The IDC CIO Summit Series provides access to expert insights, practical solutions, and networking opportunities for organizations, while also conveying the experiences shared by industry pioneers. The success achieved by IMM in different categories at the award ceremony which showcases that technology providers inspire digital transformation, are to continue with a focus on public service.


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