30 March Tuesday

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu to Visit Ahmet İsvan Exhibit

After “Renaissance of Fatih”, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is preparing its second exhibition, with Ahmet İsvan. Ahmet İsvan, who was elected with the highest percentage of votes in Istanbul, is to meet Istanbulites again, at Saraçhane Exhibition Hall which he founded during his mayoralty. The first visit to the exhibition, which has a rich collection incorporating many period details, is to be by Kemal Kılıcdaroglu, the leader of CHP (Republican People's Party).

The IMM is preparing for its second show at Saraçhane Exhibition Hall. Ahmet İsvan, who was elected mayor, with a historical vote of 64 % in 1973 local elections he had participated as Republican People’s Party (CHP) candidate, is again getting together with Istanbulites. The inaugural visitor to the IMM exhibition showcasing selected works by İsvan, who was elected with the slogan “People’s Municipality”, is to be CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

Exhibition Area Returning to Its Origins

Although the Saraçhane Exhibition Hall was designed as an exhibition hall by architect of the Saraçhane building Nevzat Erol, its was utilized later for different purposes. To provide Istanbulites with another exhibition hall and to open the municipality building to the public, Ahmet İsvan had this area of the building converted to an exhibition hall in 1975. The hall, which held various exhibitions during the administration of Ahmet İsvan but was used for other functions afterwards, is to host 46 years later the exhibition prepared in memory of its founder

“People’s Mayor”

Supported by the public, Ahmet İsvan, who was elected with the slogan “People’s Municipality”, did not compromise from transparency and democracy during his term of four years. Serving only the public, he achieved many firsts.

With an emphasis on equality, İsvan became defender of the right to shelter of the shanty and underdeveloped neighborhoods of Istanbul, by providing them with roads, water, sewer, and bus service. Via infrastructure improvements, he eliminated sewer discharge points along the coast. He took special care in protecting the historical and architectural character of the city. He approached the issue of the illegal occupation of municipal lands by prioritizing the public interest, and provided the people with land. Focusing especially on shanty areas, he had many new playgrounds built in the city. By opening the illegally occupied beaches to the public, he helped Istanbulites with lower income to benefit from beaches. He took important steps in improving transportation and vehicle traffic within the city.

İsvan, who defended public rights, took steps to provide affordable quality bread (food). He founded Halk Ekmek which started pilot production of inexpensive bread. He opened important institutions such as Atatürk Library and Hamidiye Water Inc., a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

Exhibition Curated with Care

For the exhibition, which tells the story of the mayoralty of Ahmet İsvan, thousands of documents were inspected from his personal archives, as well as the archives of the municipality, and his colleagues were interviewed. The exhibition includes photographs, cartoons, correspondence, reports, books, videos, objects, and audio recordings of the press conferences with period newspapers. Along with personal touches from his life, it incorporates also a research area for the visitors who would like more detail on his public-oriented municipal activities. The exhibition is open till June 20th, 2021.



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