18 March Thursday

Çanakkale (Gallipoli) Martyrs Commemorated in Istanbul

On the 106th anniversary of the Çanakkale (Gallipoli) Victory, March 18, a commemoration was held at Edirnekapı Martyrs’ Cemetery in Istanbul. After the ceremony, the mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoğlu, laid flowers on the martyrs’ graves and met with the martyrs’ families.

During the ceremony, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, commander of the First Army and Istanbul garrison General Musa Avsever, Istanbul mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, and the president of the Istanbul branch of the Turkish Disabled War Veterans, Martyrs, Widows, and Orphans Association Önder Çelik placed wreaths at the Çanakkale Memorial located in the cemetery.

The ceremony continued with a moment of silence, artillery salutes, and the Turkish national anthem. Governor Yerlikaya expressed his feelings in the Memorial Guestbook, and Mr. Çelik delivered the eulogy. The commemoration concluded with the prayers of Istanbul mufti Mehmet Emin Maşalı.

Sharing the Grief of Martyrs’ Families

After the commemoration, the officials paid their respects at the martyrs’ graves. Imamoğlu shared the grief of the martyrs’ families and listened to their concerns and issues they have been facing. Delegating those problems to his aides for solutions, Imamoglu fulfilled the photography requests.

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