06 March Saturday

IMM to Restore 500-year-old Shrine

A restoration project of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the 500-year-old shrine of Asude Hatun in Fatih district is being renewed.

After years of neglect, the shrine was in a ruined state, inappropriate for a religious site. The windows and the entrance door were broken, and the sarcophagus was covered with a nylon sack.

“This shrine is important to us,” said Mr. Mahir Polat, the Deputy Secretary-General of IMM.

Mr. Polat stressed that the nylon sack covering the sarcophagus has been removed, while the broken iron entrance door has been repaired.

“Near the Asude Hatun shrine, there stand two other important shrines. We want to restore all three of them together,” Mr. Polat said.

Calling the area where the three shrines are located “a mini Ottoman square,” Mr. Polat said that all of the shrines are to be open to visitors in the near future.

“The restoration is to start from the roof and the elevation of the structure,” he added.

Asude Hatun is the wet nurse of Ottoman Sultan Beyazid II, the eldest son and the successor of Mehmed the Conqueror, who captured Istanbul in 1453.

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