16 February Tuesday

Snowfall to Continue until Late Wednesday

The snowfall is expected to stop late Wednesday in Istanbul.

According to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IMM) Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM), the heavy snowfall is to continue until late Wednesday. Temperatures are expected to be between seasonal norms and 4-8 degrees below, and to rise to seasonal norms on Thursday, February 18.

“The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has deployed 7,031 personnel and 1,351 road maintenance vehicles for keeping the roads clear,” AKOM stated.

In Istanbul, the snow cover is now up to 45 cm in height, due to continuing snowfall since Saturday. According to AKOM, snow cover has reached a height of up to 15-20 centimeters in coastal areas such as Şişli, Esenler, Sarıyer, and Kağıthane districts, 20-30 centimeters in inland districts such as Başakşehir, Sultanbeyli, Eyüp, and Ümraniye, and 30-45 centimeters in the high and suburban areas such as Hadımköy, Tuzla, Çamlıca, Çekmeköy, Silivri and Beykoz districts.

Traffic has been Clear

A total of 27 units, including IMM Fire Response, Road Maintenance, IMM Traffic Directorate, Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration (ISKI), Municipal Police, Istanbul Gas Distribution Company (İGDAŞ), White Desk, Department of Parks, Gardens and Green Areas and its partners, are following closely the developments from AKOM.

According to the statement, a total of 517 trees and electrical poles have collapsed since the beginning of the snowfall arriving from the Balkans on February 12. In addition, some 17 vehicles have been damaged and 13 roofs have collapsed. No one has been injured in any of the incidents.

Nine Thousand Tons of Salt has been Dispersed

Around Istanbul, teams are continuing their efforts in response to the messages sent by BEUS (Ice Early Warning System) installed at 60 locations. The tracking and navigation of the teams is done via the vehicle tracking system. Salt boxes have been placed at critical locations. Snow accumulation and icing conditions at critical locations such as overpasses, bus stations, city squares are to be attended by the teams, in response to the incoming data. The IMM’s Road Maintenance Team has dispersed 9.053 tons of salt and 4 tons of de-icing fluid up to now.

IMM has Sheltered 525 Citizens

After they have been persuaded by the Municipal Police and given health checks, the homeless are hosted at the IMM facilities especially prepared for them. Currently, 390 homeless individuals, of whom 228 in Esenyurt, 135 in Florya and 27 in Kayışdağı, are being hosted. A total of 1,483 homeless individuals have been hosted at the IMM camps since December 4, 2020. Additionally, some 146 people, mostly families with children, were placed at hotels contracted by the city.

The IMM’s Veterinary Services Directorate teams have also been conducting for field missions for the nutritional needs of stray animals. Nutritionally dense dry food is being dispersed regularly at 200 locations in the city.

Food trucks have been placed at 6 locations

In case the citizens who prefer to use their private cars get stuck on the road during heavy snowfall, the IMM has placed food trucks that serve hot drinks, soup, and water at critical locations such as Mahmutbey,  Kavacık, 15 July Martyrs Bridge toll booths, and at the metro entrances of Şirinevler, Cevizlibağ, and Avcılar districts.

Seven Thousand Responders are on the Field

The IMM has taken all of its precautions to help ensure the city life to continue as usual. The IMM is on duty for combating the winter conditions with 1.351 road maintenance vehicles and 7.031 responders. Snow plowing and road salting teams on call in Istanbul are continuing their efforts against road problems at 434 intervention locations on the 4.023 km road network assigned to them.

IMM Winter Response Data:

Maintained Road Network: 4.023 km
Number of Staff: 7.031
Number of Vehicles and Road Equipment: 1.351
Salt Inventory: 260,000 tonnes
Box Salt (to critical points): 300 pieces
De-icing Fluid: 64 tanks (1,290 tons capacity, 25 tons per hour production)
Number of Tractors (for village roads): 147
Tow Trucks: 13
Metrobus Route: 110 km (33 road maintenance vehicles)
Ice Early Warning System: 60 stations

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