11 February Thursday

IMM Gets Ready for Winter Weather

Istanbul is expected to be affected by a cold, snowy and stormy weather front starting on Thursday, February 11. Therefore, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has taken all the necessary measures to combat the severe winter conditions.

Istanbul is on alert for snowfall and strong winds whose speeds are expected to reach up to 60 kilometers per hour (37 miles per hour) on Friday and the following days.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) – through its Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) – will deploy a total of 1,351 vehicles, including snowplows and bulldozers, and 7,031 personnel to clear roads.

Crews will work around the clock to salt the roads to prevent icing and an early warning system set up in 60 locations across the city will help them respond quickly to icy conditions.

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu also is to inspect on-site tomorrow evening the preparatory work. Ordering his colleagues to take all possible precautions against disruption, İmamoğlu is to continue monitoring intimately the process.

The snowfall is expected to continue for at least five days. Severe winter conditions will replace a 10-day dry, relatively warm spell in the city. Temperatures already significantly dropped on Friday and are expected to decrease further late Saturday. From Sunday to Thursday, snowfall is forecast to envelop the city. Though some experts rule out an all-out winter, the weather patterns show harsh conditions for several days. On Sunday, temperatures will drop below zero at most and will get colder on Tuesday and Wednesday. Forecasts show little change in temperatures until Thursday and a lasting snowfall throughout the first four days of next week.

The homeless are taken to three separate shelters for women and men in the Esenyurt, Florya, and Kayışdağı districts of the city. Currently, a total of 285 homeless people, including 261 men, (of whom 124 in Florya and 137 in Esenyurt), and of whom 24 are women in Kayışdağı, are staying in these shelters.

A total of 1,332 homeless people have been hosted at the IMM camps since December 4, 2020. Men make up the majority of the residents.

In addition, food for stray animals is regularly being distributed at 325 locations.

IMM Winter Response Data:

Maintained Road Network: 4.023 km
Number of Staff: 7.031
Number of Vehicles and Road Equipment: 1.351
Salt Inventory: 260,000 tonnes
Box Salt (to critical points): 300 pieces
De-icing Fluid: 64 tanks (1,290 tons capacity, 25 tons per hour production)
Number of Tractors (for village roads): 147
Tow Trucks: 13
Metrobus Route: 110 km (33 road maintenance vehicles)
Ice Early Warning System: 60 stations

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