22 January Friday

Commuters can now use Istanbulkart for shopping at ŞOK stores

Commuters in Istanbul will be able to use their İstanbulkarts to pay for their shopping at ŞOK markets, thanks to a protocol signed between supermarket chain ŞOK Trading Inc. and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) subsidiary electronic money and payment services provider Belbim Inc.

Within the scope of the initiative, Istanbulites will be able to buy or top-up their Istanbulkarts with cash, credit or debit cards with no additional costs. The ŞOK supermarkets will accept Istanbulkarts as payment methods.

The protocol, which was signed this week, was a step toward realizing the IMM's vision of transforming the Istanbulkart into an "urban life" card.

Istanbulkart has doubled its non-transportation usage network in the last year. Growing rapidly with its collaborations, Istanbulkart, apart from transportation and İSPARK parking lots; It offers fast and contactless payment opportunities to Istanbulites at markets, museums, entertainment sector, restaurants, online shopping and many other areas. Having signed a new partnership with ŞOK Markets, which has 1.897 branches throughout the city, İstanbulkart further expanded its loading and shopping network. Thanks to this cooperation, citizens will be able to top up their cards at ŞOK Markets throughout the city. Also, they will be able to use Istanbulkart as a payment method for their purchases.

Ms. Ceyda Ünal, Deputy director of Belbim Inc. said that BELBİM Inc. aims to provide sustainable and quality service that will benefit our country and all Istanbulites with innovative projects. She added, “First of all, using Istanbulkart is very practical and it is very safe due to the contactless payment opportunity.

“First of all, using Istanbulkart is very safe and practical for any purchase situation, due to the contactless payment opportunity. At the forefront of every innovation we make is to make life easier for Istanbulites. We want to provide convenience to our people not just on transportation, but in all areas of public life.”

Stating that Istanbulkart is progressing rapidly in guiding life in the city with a single card, Ms. Ceyda Ünal underlined that the agreement with ŞOK Market has further grown Istanbulkart in the retail sector. She said, “Istanbulkart, which is shaped in line with user needs, uses local software in its financial technology (FinTech) infrastructure. He continues to make projects that will add value to the lives of its users with the advantages provided by digitalization.”

There are more than 18 million Istanbulkarts used by Istanbulites and frequent visitors to the city.

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