13 January Wednesday

Anchovy Most-Consumed Seafood in Istanbul in 2020

Anchovy took the top spot on the list of most consumed seafood in Istanbul in 2020.

According to data provided by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbulites have consumed anchovies, known more widely in Turkish as “hamsi,” bonito and haddock the most, respectively in 2020.

Some 97 different fish species were brought to the main fish market in the Gürpınar neighborhood of the Beylikdüzü district, said, officials of Istanbul Seafood Market, which was located on the filled area of the Gürpınar coastline of the Beylikdüzü county.

The number of fish brought to Gürpınar increased to 48,793 tons from 35,992 tons the year before.

While the top five seafood products brought to the Istanbul Fish Market in 2019 were anchovy, horse mackerel, haddock, sea bass and black mackerel, the list changed to anchovy, bonito, haddock, horse mackerel and bluefish in 2020.

The most expensive seafood sold in the main market was lobster, with one costing 291 Turkish Liras. Langust was sold at a price of 270 Turkish Liras. The cheapest seafood was the barracuda.

Anchovy was sold in the main fish market for 14 Liras, bonito for 25 Liras, haddock for 10 Liras and horse mackarel for 17 Liras.

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