15 December Tuesday

Mayor Imamoglu Wishes Turkey's Jews a Happy Hanukkah

Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu came together with the Turkish-Jewish Community´s Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva and members of the Jewish community in Turkey in a virtual meeting and congratulated their Hanukkah holiday.

The event (virtual meeting), moderated by Mr. Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was attended by Isaak Haleva, the Chief Rabbi of Turkey; Mr. Ishak Ibrahimzadeh, Mr. Erol Kohen, Co-Presidents of the Turkish Jewish Community; Mr. Josef Nassi, Turkey's Chief Rabbi Counsel; Mrs. Deniz Baler Saporta, CEO of the Turkish Jewish Community; Mr. Moris Levi, Deputy Chairman of Turkey’s Chief Rabbinate Foundation and Representative of Minority Community Foundations; Mr. Daryo Katalan, Chairman of Neve Shalom Sephardic Synagogues Foundation and Arch. Yusuf Kohen, President of Neve Shalom Sephardic Synagogues Foundation.

Mayor Imamoglu underlined that he wants Istanbul to stand out in the world 'with its tolerance and peace-loving orientation' and added: “Tolerance is a great virtue. It is a great richness and value for me to feel and live this atmosphere of tolerance and for everyone who comes here to feel it regardless of where they come from. I say with all my heart, that I never think of people differently, I look at the 16 million living in this city in the same way without separating them from one another in my mind, in all sincerity. Hopefully, I can do justice to this sentiment."

The Chief Rabbi of Turkey, Isaak Haleva, expressed his feelings as follows: "I am so grateful for your graceful message on behalf of the Turkish-Jewish community."

Hanukkah is an eight-day holiday marking the rededication of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in the second century B.C.

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