27 October Tuesday

Istanbul is disinfected against swine flu…

Disinfecting of public transportation vehicles, moving stairways, handrails of interchanges was declared by Mayor Kadir Topbaş.

After ceremony of railing of first rail of Ataturk Oto Sanayi – Darüşşafak Metroline, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş answered the question of press members. Upon a question about measures for swine flu, Topbaş said that “We have already disinfected buses, metrobuses, tramways, metros, sea buses and ships, now also we disinfect handrails of interchanges and moving stairways.”

Topbaş who said that some people in Istanbul have been found to be carrying H1N1 virus, declared to be more careful against this kind of viruses in a metropolitan as Istanbul. Istanbul Governorship and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took all kind of measures against this virus.

Please, avoid shaking hand.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş who reminded that citizens must wash hands after shaking hands, drew attentions that companies should disinfect door handles in the crowded places.

 “In order to prevent children, closing of schools is an important measure because the virus cannot live more than 3-4 days. Disinfecting works continue in public places, stations, lands. Also drivers of public transportation vehicles must have disinfectant” Kadir Topbaş said.

Disinfecting works were introduced to public opinion…

Disinfecting works in public transportation works was introduced to public opinion by participation of press members. The officials who disinfect the vehicles with special dresses, display careful works.
Disinfecting specialist of Sağlık Co (company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) Orhan Karataş who made an explanations, said that “Disinfecting works continue so 3000 buses are disinfected by our teams so citizens can use the public transportation vehicles with peace of mind. Disinfecting medicine is not harmful for people health”


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