24 September Thursday

The Competition to Shape Taksim Square Has Been Concluded

Another urban design competition initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) to make public spaces accessible, free, lively, peaceful and safe has been completed. After Bakırköy Square, Haliç (Golden Horn) and Salacak Coasts, the competition announced for Taksim Square has also ended.

Three projects have won an equivalent prize in the Taksim Urban Design Competition held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Istanbulites will now choose their favorite among them by taking part in the vote with their ID numbers.

The urban design competition to decide a new plan for historical Taksim Square has been concluded with the selection of three projects.

A total of 146 applications were submitted for the design contest, which was organized by the Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Department of Cultural Heritage.

While three designs won awards, five designs received honorable mentions. Istanbulites will vote to select the winning design.

The competition, which was announced on March 2 for Taksim Square, famous Gezi Park and its surrounding area (of approximately 160 thousand square meters), was organized in two stages at an international level.

Zeynep Ahunbay, Ipek Akpınar Aksugür, Arman Akdoğan, Can Kubin, Arzu Nuhoğlu and Kerem Piker were among the main jury of the competition while foreign jury members Manuel de Rivero and Rainer Schmidt also helped in choosing the winners.

Out of the 146 applications, 72 were from local teams, 48 foreign and 26 mixed. After the first stage, 20 teams further developed their projects according to the recommendations of the jury, and they were later reevaluated in the second phase. Voting to decide the winning project will take place soon. Those who want to participate will vote with their identity numbers.

The colloquium and award ceremony of the “Taksim Urban Design Competition” will be held online on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

More information can be found at https://konkur.istanbul/taksim/index.html

Photo Link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/7d19f7ca87a4fa26a299c05260bc616920200923101918/c807add4455e7166da7209c2a27a624320200923101936/b96726

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