10 August Monday

Mayor İmamoğlu: We are Strongly Motivated to Supplying Healthier Foods for Istanbulites

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu met with Mr. Viorel Gutu, FAO Representative in Turkey, before the farewell visit of Ambassador Christian Berger, Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey and his accompanying EU delegation at his Saraçhane Municipal Office for the last time on August 10, 2020.

Underlining that their priority, as the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), is supplying healthier foods for Istanbulites, he said: “Indeed, this is one of our most important policies. While all our attention has been on getting through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are strongly motivated to supplying healthier foods for our citizen that directly impacts their health. We will not hesitate to take decisive steps on this issue.”

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu met with Mr. Viorel Gutu, FAO Representative in Turkey, with his accompanying delegation, including Dr. Ayşegül Selışık, Assistant Representative at FAO Turkey and Ms. Aylin Alpagut, National Communications and Partnership Specialist for FAO.

Noting that they were very much impressed by the activities carried out by IMM, Mr. Gutu said: “ Your awareness training for 38 thousand students in 125 schools across the city has impressed us very much. Therefore, we thought that we could work together and cooperate with you on this issue.”

He stated that one-third of all food in the world is wasted every year and their purpose is to prevent this waste from occurring in the first place. He continued as follows:

“Before Covid-19, 820 million people around the world were struggling with hunger and food insecurity. The study further showed that about 12-14 percent of peoples are struggling with hunger in the world population of 7 billion, during this pandemic. We have taken an important step in the right direction in Turkey with a campaign called “Save Your Food”. We want to raise awareness with education in schools. For this reason, we believe and trust in Turkey very much. We started this campaign in Turkey and will then expand to other countries. We will mark World Food Day on October 16 as a time for bringing people together to find effective and sustainable solutions to food nutrition and security and to raise public awareness about hunger in the world. We wanted to celebrate it as a big event with the theme “Our Actions Are Our Future”, but we will organize it with low participation due to the pandemic this year.”

Speaking after Mr. Gutu, Mayor İmamoğlu said that not only the production but also the consumption of food products should be managed. Pointing out that Istanbul is a very big city with 16 million people, “the amount of food wasted in Istanbul corresponds to the amount needed to limit hunger in many countries” he added.

Mayor Imamoğlu noted that while producing more food is important, reducing food loss and waste is just as critical between production and consumption stages and he continued as follows:

“As the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), our priority is supplying healthier foods for Istanbulites. Indeed, this is one of our most important priorities. Also, it shall be one of the policies to enhance people's awareness of food waste and also a drastic change in the consumption pattern of our people is needed as well. We will not hesitate to take decisive steps on this issue. We will formulate new policy and take more serious steps for reducing food losses and waste by establishing a new policy next fall."

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