02 August Sunday

IMM’s Regional Investment Offices to Provide Local Staff for Dutch Hotel Company

Upon a recent initiative by the Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA), a Dutch-owned hotel company in Istanbul will hire local staff via the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IMM) Regional Employment Offices.

Launched this February to attract international investors to Istanbul, Turkey’s first local investment agency, IIA is taking steps to contribute to the city’s economy.

Following a series of talks, the IIA has facilitated a new avenue of cooperation between the IMM’s Regional Employment Offices and a Netherlands-based hotel company in Istanbul. 

The two parties have partnered to provide local human resource support for the company via the IMM’s Regional Employment Offices. As per the partnership, the hotel chain will be hiring local information technology (IT) personnel and interns via the IMM.

“Foreign investors are quite happy with the professional services provided by the IMM, according to feedback we receive from our international partners. This is a beginning. We predict an upward trend in employment demand as tourism returns to normal in Istanbul,” Istanbul Investment Agency CEO Mr. Nihat Narin said, in light of the partnership.

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