16 July Thursday

IMM’s Data Science Projects Headed for Washington DC

The Data Science for the Public Good (DSPG), a program designed to educate young people from social sciences, engineering and various disciplines in the field of data science, has been completed on July 12, 2020.

The young people selected for the program, which is carried out in cooperation with "Coding" and "University of Virginia", sought solutions for urban problems with data provided by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Successful groups will take part In the program, to be held in Washington DC.

Trained young people will come together with the public institutions and develop projects for better understanding the social problems and offer solutions with the open data provided. The program will be implemented in partnership with the University of Virginia Social and Decision Analytics Division, Coding, CADS @TEDU (TED University Center for Applied Data Science), IstasyonTEDU, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Zemin Istanbul, and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Throughout the program, students accepted to the program work in groups determined according to their proficiency on the project topics directed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). At the end of the program, the most successful groups from Ankara and Istanbul will present their projects at the Data Science for Public Good annual seminar at the University of Virginia (UV) Charlottesville, USA. 

A total of 33 candidates were selected for the program in total, which was attended by 509 people. The selected participants were subjected to 30 hours of training in the first phase. In the second stage, the participants were divided into groups and provided a 70-hour study period. At the end of the second phase, they have developed 7 different projects. To do this, they used the data provided by IMM when developing solutions. The projects were about social distancing, education, Istanbul’s density notification, efficient use of water resources, traffic forecasting, and demand resolution, etc..

Those who are successful in 7 groups produced projects will attend the graduation ceremony that will take place at the University of Virginia (UV) Charlottesville, USA,  in the coming days and will represent Istanbul in the big organization to be held in Washington DC.

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