26 June Friday

Fares Drop to 0.05 TL on City Lines Ferries

Ferry services between Istanbul’s Asian and European sides will drop their fares to just 0.05 TL for a limited time, starting on the morning of Sunday 28 June 2020. The decision was taken at the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting held on June 25, 2020.

Istanbul City Lines, the subsidiary sea transport company of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has announced that its ferry services will run at a symbolic price of 0.05 TL (0,0073 USD) on weekdays between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, until August 31, 2020. The first discounted ferry service will be launched on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

The discount scheme aims to expand maritime public transport in Istanbul, promote flexible working hours, and encourage greater social distancing on public transport vehicles within Istanbul.

The new fare will be applicable for ferry services on 22 routes, including Üsküdar-Eminönü, Kadıköy-Eminönü, Kadıköy-Karaköy and Kadıköy-Beşiktaş. The Princes’ Islands routes will be exempt from the special discount.

Speaking on the subject, City Lines General Manager Ms. Sinem Dedetaş explained that the objective of this new scheme is to increase the share of sea transport within Istanbul’s public transportation system, help slow down the spread of the coronavirus on public transport via greater social distancing, and tackle traffic congestion. In a statement, Ms. Dedetaş said:

“As you well know, Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s goal is to improve and increase the share of maritime transport within the city’s public transportation system. Our current efforts are focused on achieving this goal. We think that a step has been taken towards shifting travel habits to sea crossings. We will be collecting data by measuring the trips with an application that will allow us to monitor how passengers’ travel habits are changing, especially amid the coronavirus epidemic. We will then analyze this data and ensure that they provide a basis for future planning.”

Ms. Dedetaş emphasized that the increase in maritime transport will also decrease traffic congestion and air pollution on roads. “Also, the threat of coronavirus is not over yet. This practice is a step towards protecting public health as it lowers the risk of contagion, and supports flexible working arrangements, ” she added.

Full list of discounted routes:

• Beşiktaş-Kadıköy
• Üsküdar-Karaköy-Eminönü
• Kadıköy-Eminönü
• Bosphorus Round Trip (Eminönü-Beşiktaş-Ortaköy-Emirgan-Paşabahçe-Beykoz)
• Çengelkoy-Beşiktaş-Eminönü
• Kadıköy-Karaköy
• Kadıköy-Karaköy-Eminönü
• Üsküdar-Karaköy-Kasımpaşa-Fener-Balat-Hasköy-Ayvansaray-Sütlüce-Eyüp (Golden Horn Line)
• Kabataş-Beşiktaş-Küçüksu
• İstinye-Küçüksu
• Kadıköy-Beşiktaş-İstinye Sarıyer
• Anadolu Kavağı-Rumeli Kavağı-Sarıyer
• Cengelkoy-Bebek-Kanlıca-Istinye
• Anadolu Hisarı-Various Bosphorus Piers-Eminönü
• Beykoz-Various Bosphorus Piers-Üsküdar-Kabataş
• Sarıyer-Various Bosphorus Piers-Eminönü
• Beykoz-Various Bosphorus Piers-Eminönü
• Çengelkoy-Besiktas-Eminönü
• Çengelkoy-Beylerbeyi-Beşiktaş-Eminönü
• Eminönü-Beşiktaş-Arnavutköy-Emirgan-İstinye-Sarıyer- Rumeli Kavağı
• Üsküdar-Beylerbeyi-Çengelköy-Anadolu Hisarı- Kanlıca-Çubuklu-Paşabahçe-Beykoz-Anadolu Kavağı
• Bostancı-Karaköy-Kabataş


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