25 June Thursday

Licensing Period for Istanbul Investments is Halved

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) adds a new one to the steps it takes to attract investors to Istanbul. Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA) and the Directorate of Registration and Supervision Department of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Police Department provide guidance in establishing a business in Istanbul by guiding them correctly in both foreign and domestic investments.

This project aims to increase the trust of domestic and foreign investors in Istanbul by shortening the licensing period. When the project is launched, only in Istanbul it will not only facilitate the establishment of a business, but will also contribute to employment.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA) and the Directorate of Registration and Supervision Department of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Police Department provide guidance in both foreign and domestic investments and facilitates establishing a business in Istanbul.

Once the official documentation for registration is complete for Top – tiers Non Sanitary Business Investments (excluding which requires health inspections), such as factory set up, the site selection and establishment permission, trial permit or opening license will be provided within 5 (five) working days. Fuel and / or LPG / LNG / CNG auto gas sales stations, Public car parking spot businesses will be licensed in the fastest way. In addition, we provide guidance service for all other businesses if required permission of the local authorities.

Licensing Period is Shortened

Engin Ulusoy, Head of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Police Department, stated that regarding main purpose of this project; is to invest in the most appropriate location, to identify the problems that may cause problems during the licensing phase and to provide equal, fair and impartial guidance to all domestic and foreign investors and continued: “Keeping all possible necessities that may occur upon the registration procedure, we aim to guide investors with the proper location for their businesses. We ensure to provide equality, fairness, and truthful investment environment for all domestic and foreign investors.  Top – tiers non sanitary businesses (big production factories which requires non health inspection) will be granted with licence in just 5 (five) working days if all required documents completed. Therefore, both employers and employees are going to find a convenient environment to work. We believe with the help of eased procedures and true guidance Istanbul is going to be hub for the future investments.”

Investor-Friendly Step is Taken in Istanbul for Licensing

Nihat Narin, CEO of IMM Istanbul Investment Agency, emphasized that the investment process will be started in the most appropriate way with sufficient knowledge from the very beginning in Istanbul, which is the favorite city of local and foreign investors and continued: "Investments in Istanbul are going to begin with Professional guidance and true knowledge. Our aim is to make Istanbul a charming city for foreign and domestic investors as it used to be. All reforms and regulations are being done to create a safe environment for the investors. Therefore, we adopted OECD Doing Business Rank Criterias as a part of our regulations. By providing professional and world class investment environment, we believe we are going to create a sustainable recruitment for the labour market in Istanbul.”

IMM Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA) and the Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Police Department License and Supervision Department; stated with this project  they are planning to start the investment process by giving information to domestic and foreign investors, which will be implemented soon, and to work with the personnel from the Directorate of Licensing and Inspection to ensure rapid guidance and coordination within IIA. In the project, which will be conducted in coordination with the IMM Employment Office, an employment application point will be created within the License and Supervision Branch Directorate, and appropriate personnel will able to be directed to the investor. All business owners will be able to apply to this point in order to find staff that meets their needs.

About IMM Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA)

The primary target of Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA), which was established under the umbrella of IMM in February 2020 and started its activities; Increasing the brand value of Istanbul, providing consultancy to investors planning to come to the city, creating a city with a high trust environment for investors and contributing to employment. For 16 million Istanbulites, the main task is to increase the total quality of life, create more production, more investments and more jobs and mobilize all kinds of resources for the economy of Istanbul.


About the Directorate of Registration and Inspection Branch of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Police Department

Places within its jurisdiction: First class non-sanitary establishments, fuel stations and / or LPG / LNG / CNG autogas sales stations, passenger and cargo terminals, and open and closed car parks. In addition, it organizes the opening and working license for the premises (including first, second or third class non-sanitary establishments, sanitary establishments-public recreation and entertainment places) that are intended to be opened in IMM-owned / disposed areas, or operated / operated by IMM affiliated companies. conducts auditing and enforcement practices. Second and Third Class G.S.M. It directs the registration procedures of the provinces to the district municipalities. With a vision of providing accessible services for an Istanbul that lives up to 24 hours with its cultural and social life, producing with all the values of the city with a new generation municipality approach, the fair, green and creative city operates with its happy Istanbulites mission.


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