09 June Tuesday

Mayor İmamoğlu Speaks at the Climate Change Conference: “We are Much More Sensitive and Determined than Before”

Istanbul Mayor Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu attended the conference on “Climate Change” by teleconferencing as the keynote speaker .

Mayor Mr. Imamoglu said, “We all see that a mistake made anywhere in the world can affect the whole world. Now, we are all more sensitive and much more determined than ever before. As the Mayor of Istanbul, I would like to hear this determination and our sensitivity in this beautiful meeting on behalf of both our administration and our city, which is the largest city in Europe and is one of the most important cities in the world, and the most beautiful city in the world in my opinion.”

Mayor İmamoğlu attended  "CDP Turkey on Climate Change 10th Anniversary Conference - 2019 Results and Awards Ceremony" as the keynote speaker. Speaking at the meeting held by teleconferencing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Imamoğlu emphasized that the issue to be addressed by the experts is a common problem of the world and collective actions of all nations is needed to resolve it. “We are going through exemplary days on how to protect the world from common crises and threats," said the mayor. “I think this COVID-19 pandemic we're experiencing shook us all up like nothing has ever done before and brought us to ourselves. I realized that there is even a new custom of beginning every sentence about the future with, “Nothing will be the same as before." We add many comments into it. Although these words seem like predictions, I also think that it is an expectation of humanity,” he added.

Mayor Imamoğlu pointed out that humanity cannot maintain its current relationship with nature, as it was before said, “It seems to be a disaster for both humanity as well as the world if it continues this way. Today, if the world has an agenda such as climate change and mankind has created such a terrible agenda, we are where words fail. We are causing such damage to our own living space. In this sense, humanity must really know its limits. It has to redefine its position in this universe and reposition itself. In other words, human beings have no right to change the climate of this world, to threaten its existence, in which we were born and lived, benefited from all its blessings, allowing us to produce culture and civilization, and adding new meaning and value,” he said.

Mayor Imamoğlu concluded his words as follows: “Currently I am calling out to you from the Florya district of the city where we will establish the Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA). One of the most important elements of this will be the fight against climate change. We are ready to carry the best examples from all over the world into this city. I wish all of us to succeed in our common struggle to transform the world into a place that is free from these threats.”

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