01 June Monday

İSTON Wins International Award

İSTON Inc., a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) engaged in urban infrastructure and superstructure elements, has been awarded a certificate by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC). Mayor Mr. Ekrem Imamoğlu will attend the certificate ceremony to be held at İSTON's Tuzla Facilities in Istanbul on June 2nd, 2020.

İSTON Inc., a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has been certified by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) with "Responsible Sourcing Certificate for Concrete and Its Supply Chain'' - Gold level.

Mr. Yavuz Işık, President of the Board of Directors of European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization (ERMCO) and THBB, will present İSTON's CSC Gold Certificate - currently the highest achievable rating for CSC aggregate certifications - to Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu and Mr. Ziya Gökmen Togay, the General Manager of İSTON Inc. will host the delegation.

ISTON Inc., which has fulfilled the administrative, environmental, social and economic requirements, has proven its compliance with international standards regarding resource usage as a producer with this certificate.

The “Responsible Use of Resources Certification System,” recognized worldwide for the concrete industry and concrete components, will bring competitive superiority to İSTON, a preferred company in prestigious buildings.

Additionally, the document also provides preferential advantages for “Green Purchase” in public tenders, and for obtaining a Green Building Certificate in the private sector. This certification system offers ISTON Inc. an opportunity to benefit from financial incentives offered by the government for sustainable construction as well.

ISTON Inc. continues its efforts to attain the Responsible Use of Resources Certification by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) at its other facilities. The target is to obtain CSC Responsible Use Certification System Gold Certificate for all of its facilities in Istanbul within 2020.

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