20 March Friday

The IMM 'on alert' Against COVID-19

After the coronavirus epidemic erupted in January, on March 16, 2020, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has held an informational event regarding the coronavirus epidemic, which has influenced many countries in the world.

In Istanbul, the municipality decided to install hand sanitizers at stations of metrobuses, an exclusive-lane bus line stretching between the far corners of the city’s Asian and European sides. Sanitizers are being installed at 44 metrobus stops. The line carries thousands of passengers every day and is the most popular means of transit, especially during rush hours.

In the activities to be held in the six busiest squares of Istanbul, including Taksim Square, Eminönü Square, Kadıköy Pier, Bağcılar Square, Üsküdar Pier and Esenyurt Square, where doctors will inform the public about the coronavirus and provide information about the measures taken by the IMM to prevent the spread of the coronavirus across the city. Also, disinfectant will be available at mobile hygiene points for everyone.

Additionally, workers of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) are working hard day and night to disinfect all service buildings, the places of worship, libraries, cultural centers, public transport vehicles and stops in Istanbul to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus.

Employees of the Istanbul Municipality wearing protective gear disinfects a subway carriage to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, in Istanbul.

Healthcare workers regularly disinfect Istanbul’s metro trains during the off hours for the service.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has produced animated videos in several languages to raise public awareness on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic so far.

Also, the IMM is doing the following in Istanbul to tackle the spread of coronavirus:

- Free public transport and parking for healthcare workers

- No water/gas cut-offs due to outstanding bills

- On-call ambulances

- 100 disinfection stations

- Financial support for students

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