18 February Tuesday

Stakeholders Talk About Istanbul Investment Agency's Plans

Following the launch meeting of the Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA), a workshop was held where the participants shared their opinions about the vision of Istanbul and the role of the IMM. The city’s stakeholders and administration shared their experiences and suggestions to increase the brand value of Istanbul in 17 sectors.

The introductory meeting of the Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA), which is one of the election promises of Istanbul Mayor Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu, took place at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul yesterday. Following the launch meeting,  a “Stakeholder Consultation Workshop” was held, where the participants shared their ideas to contribute to the future vision of the IIA.

At the workshop, a total of 180 sector leaders, including domestic and international sector representatives, NGOs, and other stakeholders shared their opinions and suggestions that would make the city more attractive for investors and professionals.

The participants exchanged views and opinions at a total of 17 tables created under the themes of finance, banking, tourism, consulates, international investors, audits, credit ratings, promotions, logistics, technology, universities, and NGOs.

The participants discussed the investment ecosystem of the city by looking for answers to questions such as: - "Which institutions can be critical business partners of the IIA?", "How can the IIA significantly increase its added value?", and "What would be the working area of IIA and its contributions to IMM's projects?”.

Mr. Nihat Narin, head of the agency made the opening remarks, praising the success of the workshop and expressing his pleasure with the participation rate. He stated that the agency was established on inclusive and transparent values. “We aim to realize these values we set for Istanbul on a transparent platform that we will create with our participants and stakeholders” he added.

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, the moderator of the workshop, emphasized the importance of focusing on the sector and investors in his presentation. He said: "Investment agencies are created for the development of cities as well as countries. There are investment areas that major cities focus on in the world. As Istanbul, we should look for an answer to the question of how we can make a difference compared to other cities and determine our focus of investment.”

Referring to the words of Mayor Imamoğlu, “Investment is not just money”, Dr. Argüden said that emphasis should be placed on intellectual capital investment that can lead to intellectual capital efficiency. He recalled the German scientists and scholars who escaped the Nazi regime and came to Turkey, underlining their contribution to the development of the country's intellectual capital.

Ideas and suggestions from the workshop, which continued until the evening hours of February 17, will be shared with the public after analysis and aggregation.

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