16 February Sunday

The launch of Istanbul Investment Agency to be Held Tomorrow

The introductory meeting of the Istanbul Investment Agency (IDA), which is one of the election promises of Istanbul Mayor Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu, will take place at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul tomorrow.

The IDA, founded by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), will be tasked with making the city attractive for foreign investors, businesspersons and tourists.

Among the primary objectives of the Istanbul Development Agency (IDA) are increasing the brand value of Istanbul, providing consultancy to investors planning to come to the city, creating a city with a high trust environment for investors and contributing to employment.

The launch meeting of the Istanbul Investment Agency, which will be held with the participation of Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, will take place tomorrow -February 17- at the Haliç Congress Center, Sadabad AuditoriumThe program will include diverse participants such as ambassadors, consuls, local and foreign business people and representatives from different sectors, including finance, investment, technology and tourism.

Following the introductory meeting, a workshop will be held to discuss issues regarding the development of Istanbul and the role of the IMM on this issue. During the workshop, the local dynamics of the city will be discussed and opinions and suggestions to increase the attraction of the city for investors will be discussed by the experts of the area.

Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) was launched in 2009 with a view to "expediting the regional development in harmony with the principles and policies set out in the national development plan and programs, providing sustainability and closing the interregional and intraregional gaps by improving collaborations among the public & private industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), fostering opportune and efficient use of resources and galvanizing the local potential".

Event Programme

Date: February 17, 2020

Time: 10:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.

Venue: Haliç Congress Center, Sadabad Auditorium


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