05 February Wednesday

IMM Gets Ready for Winter Weather

Istanbul is expected to be affected by a cold, snowy and stormy weather front starting on Thursday, February 6. Therefore, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has taken all the necessary measures to combat the severe winter conditions.

A total of 6,882 personnel stuff and 1,373 vehicles under the management of the IMM's Department of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination are on alert for Istanbulites to spend a comfortable winter.

Approximately 232,000 tons of salt, 1,200 tons of chemical solvents are stored, and officials emphasized that they are prepared for each situation.

Also, the IMM began a project to provide accommodation for homeless people during the winter months in special care units in Esenyurt and Kayışdağı.

Currently, 400 homeless people are staying in the two shelters. Men make up the majority of the residents, with only 41 women.

According to Meteorology General Directorate and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) AKOM data, cold and rainy weather of Siberian origin will be effective in Istanbul, starting from Wednesday evening. It is calculated that the air temperatures will decrease by 8-12 degrees and decrease to snow values.

According to data, the snowfall expected to start tonight in Istanbul, it will continue on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will lose its effect on Sunday.

As of February 6, representatives of 26 units of the IMM will work in coordination so that it will make life easier for the citizens to support the work and they will be on duty at Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM).

It is stated that the snowfall in Istanbul’s high and rural parts of the city will cause enough snow cover in the city center this time.

Saltboxes were placed in critical locations by the IMM's Department of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination teams.

In addition, the IMM purchased a total of 232,000 tons of salt and 1,290 tons of chemical solvents for the Directorate of Road Maintenance and Restoration to use to clear snow and ice from the roads as a precaution against adverse conditions.

Authorities warned the driver and pedestrians against frost and icing, which is expected to last 4 days, Thursday through Monday.

During the cold and rainy weather, the authorities have recommended using public transportation (ie. buses) and citizens were also asked to be careful against possible floods, ponds, downing trees, poles, roofs and signboards, and stove and flue gas poisoning in their homes and offices.

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