23 January Thursday

Istanbulites Choose Linden as Most Attractive Ornamental Tree

In response to a social media poll on Twitter asking people which plant they liked to smell the most, Istanbulites chose the linden tree.

Istanbul Tree and Landscape Inc., a subsidiary company of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) responsible for greenfield arrangements and forestation activities, asked Istanbulites on social media, "Which plant do you want to smell the most?"

The 24-hour-long poll attracted a great deal of attention from nature and greenery enthusiasts, with 36,680 people participating.

The options on the Twitter survey were: Linden tree, Bay tree, Honeysuckle and Mimosa.

At the end of the survey, the linden tree was the most popular answer with 45 percent of the votes, followed by honeysuckle (31 percent), mimosa (13 percent) and bay tree (11 percent).

Istanbulites chose the linden tree as their favorite scent and shared their opinions widely during the 24-hour poll. They also stated that they would like to see more judas trees, acacias, magnolias, lilacs, oleasters and jasmines, none of which were among the options in the Twitter poll.

The company will continue its surveys in the coming days to learn more about the preferences of people regarding green spaces and plants.

Through various questionnaires to be carried out under different titles, Istanbulites will be able to express their expectations about the city’s plants.

The survey results will be evaluated at the "Istanbul Green Areas Workshop" to be held at the Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) on February 5-6, 2020.


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