30 December Monday

IMM Provides Shelter for Homeless People

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will provide shelter to homeless people during the winter months in Istanbul.

The IMM will provide accommodation to homeless citizens during the winter months in special care units in Esenyurt and Kayışdağı.

The homeless are the hardest hit victims of winter, and as temperatures sharply drop, the IMM is offering warm food, personal care and shelter for rough sleepers.

Through citizen reports to ALO 153 White Desk, the municipal police will pick up rough sleepers from every corner of the city and transport them to the care units. Homeless citizens will be able to stay at the IMM's Kayışdağı Care Center and the İSTAÇ Esenyurt Training Center until moving into long-term housing.

Currently, 300 homeless people are staying in the two shelters. Men make up the majority of the residents, with only 9 women.

Services Offered to Homeless People:

Bath and barber services
Accommodation, bed and cleaning services
Three meals a day and catering services
Health and prescription services
Clothing services
Return home service
Nursing home and care home placement services
Return to family services
Emergency action and health services
Social services
Dormitory placement services for minors
Hospital referrals

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