25 November Monday

Istanbulites Run Through the Historic Quarters of the Old City

The third special race of the 2019 Istanbul Fun Run Series 5K organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IMM) Sports Inc. took place on the historic peninsula on Sunday 24 November. A total of 500 registered runners took part in the race.

Inspired by the question “Do you want to run on the Historic Peninsula?”, a 5-km track was set up in the Historic Peninsula for the Sultanahmet Race. Nearly 500 people participated in the race, running through the historic quarters of the old city.

Thousands of locals gathered to watch the race.

In the Women's General Classification category, Çığıl Uzun finished the race first with 21 minutes and 56 seconds, followed by Meral Dilek with 22 minutes and 07 seconds, and Gülçin Ayşe Atay, who finished third with a 24 minutes and 03 seconds.

The rankings in the race were measured by electronic chips at the event.

In the men's category, Doğa Nalbantoğlu finished the race first and was declared winner with 15 minutes 41 seconds; Diyar Öztürk came in second with 17 minutes 12 second, and Nakib Alnahed Belhak came third.

The medals, custom-designed for the race, were presented to all runners who completed the run. At the end of the race, the participants were awarded with trophies and various other gifts.

Mayoral Advisor and Board Member of Sports Inc. Mr. Ertan Yıldız, General Manager of İstgüven Inc. Mr. Ahmet Can Buğday, and General Manager of Sports Inc. Mr. Renay Onur also took part in the event.

The Istanbul Fun Run Series of 2019 consists of 7 stages, the first of which was held on International Women's Day earlier this year on March 8. The second race of the series was the Harem Coastal Road Stage 10K, held on July 28, which was followed by the Caddebostan stage on September 6.

The Bebek Coastal Road stage of the event will be held in the coming months.

Istanbul Fun Run Series was organized for the first time in 2016, with the aim of drawing the public’s attention to the vital importance of individuals with healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyles that make up a smart city.


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