20 November Wednesday

Istanbul Bids Farewell to Legendary Actress Yıldız Kenter

Yıldız Kenter, a veteran actress of Turkish theatre and cinema, passed away on November 17 at the age of 91. Kenter’s funeral took place in Istanbul yesterday.

The funeral service for Kenter was held at the Kenter Theater, founded by Kenter herself with her late husband Şükran Güngör and brother Müşfik Kenter. Covered with the Turkish flag, Kenter’s coffin was placed on the theater stage.

Her friends, students and colleagues made emotional speeches during the ceremony and said their goodbyes.

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu said: “We are talking about a shining star that will never fade away – a star of the Modern Republic and a star of the century. A person who has succeeded in the impossible, and has brought hope to her country and people. For this reason, we will fulfill our responsibility to pay Istanbul's debt to Kenter.”

Born in 1928, Yıldız Kenter took the stage for over 100 plays throughout her 60-year career.

After working for the Ankara State Theater for 11 years, she won a Rockefeller scholarship to study new techniques in acting and teaching acting at the American Theater Wing, Neighborhood Play House and Actor’s Studio.

In 1989, she won the best actress award for her role in the Turkish movie “Madame” at the Bastia Film Festival in Corsica, France. In 2007, Kenter was named a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Following the commemoration service at the theater, Kenter's funeral was brought to Levent Afet Yolal Mosque, where many famous people from the world of art, politics, media circles as well as many citizens did not leave Kenter alone on her last journey home.

Mayor İmamoğlu also attended the funeral prayer and expressed his condolences to the Kenter Family.

Following the noon prayer, Kenter was laid to rest at Aşiyan Cemetery located in Bebek district of İstanbul.

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