07 November Thursday

Istanbul's Derelict Kirmasti Cistern Undergoes Restoration by IMM

Upon the instruction of Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has started restoration works at the Kirmasti Cistern – a historical site that has been left derelict in Istanbul’s Fatih district.

All of the restoration works will be carried out under the responsibility the IMM. Work is in progess to rejuvenate this key site as a space for arts and cultural events, and ensure its long-term preservation.

The cistern was scrupulously cleaned with the joint effort of IMM subsidiaries İSTAÇ Inc., İSTON Inc. and Municipal Police squads under the coordination of IMM’s White Table 153 Onsite Solution Teams and the Directorate for the Monitoring of Conservation Works (KUDEB).

KUDEB has also initiated a project to renovate the cistern, and open it to the use of Istanbulites and visitors in the city.

Kirmasti Cistern is located on Haliç Street, in a short distance to the north of the Fatih Mosque complex. The remains of the cistern include 9 columns spaced 3.9 meters apart, and are thought to originally have had a total of 16 columns. Only 3 of its original ionic imposts and capitals remain, with the other six replaced by concrete columns. The cistern is thought to date to the 8th-12th century.

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