24 October Thursday

No Water Shortage in Istanbul

According to recent information obtained from the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ), the water levels in Istanbul’s drinking water-supply dams are normal for this time of the year, and there are no water scarcity problems in the city.

As of 22 October 2019, the water level in Istanbul’s dams is 44.12 percent, and the current water volume is 383 million 272 thousand cubic meters. The water level in the city's dams remained normal compared to previous years.

Some 2.9 million cubic meters of water is currently consumed in Istanbul every day. In addition to the dams providing water for the city, some of the city's daily water needs are supplied in part from Melen and Yeşilçay regulators with a capacity of up to 1 million cubic meters per day.

There has been a slight decrease in the capacity of Istanbul’s dams as the summer season has recently ended, and a dry spell has been in effect across the region in October 2019.

Accordingly, in view of the fact that the rainy season would begin in November, no water shortage is anticipated in the foreseeable future for Istanbul.

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