13 October Sunday

IMM Holds “Erasmus Days” Events

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) took part in the “Erasmus Days” events with an English-speaking meetup in Istanbul to join a three-day celebration of the Erasmus+ programme in Europe and all over the world. Erasmus+ students from different countries attended the event, where they practiced English and everyday communication methods within a teamwork setting.

As part of the third Europe-wide “Erasmus Days European Festival” between October 10 an 12, an English-speaking meetup was organised in Istanbul by the IMM Eurodesk Contact Point. Turkish and international students studying in Istanbul through the Erasmus+ Project took part in the event to build a “Multicultural Bridge”, and stand against prejudice and exclusion.

A total of 60 young people, 25 of whom are Turkish, from Slovakia, Greece, Poland and Spain participated in the event held at the IMM Eurodesk Contact Point, which operates in the Cağaloğlu Youth Office located within the IMM Directorate of Youth and Sports.

The event offered English speaking practice for typical daily life situations, and was also supported by the IMM Public Relations Directorate’s “White Trip” programme. The White Trip programme offers free guided tours of the Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Basilica Cistern, Miniaturk and Panorama 1453 History Museum to first timers in Istanbul.

The first of the Erasmus Days celebrations was held in 2017 to give the Erasmus+ Project and its beneficiaries a chance to tell the world about their stories. The festival aims to highlight the results of international projects funded by the Erasmus+ programme, and to organize events that enable citizens, students, civil society organizations and public institutions that have taken part in Erasmus+ projects to share their experiences. All institutions running projects are able to plan their own events.

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