09 October Wednesday

Mayor İmamoğlu Defines New Generation Municipalism: “Our City Priorities Are Nature and Human Centred”

Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu hosted Consuls General serving in Istanbul at the Sait Halim Paşa Mansion in Yeniköy.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s 19th Working Meeting with Consuls General, themed “Istanbul - the Equitable, Creative and Green City”, took place in Yeniköy’s Sait Halim Paşa Mansion on the evening of October 8.

At the start of the meeting, Mayor İmamoğlu welcomed the guests in the cocktail lounge. After a group photo shoot on the stairs of the historical mansion, the Mayor and his guests moved onto the meeting hall, where the working dinner was held.

The meeting was attended by the Consuls General, honorary Consuls and Consuls in Istanbul, representing over 70 different countries.

At the meeting, Mayor Imamoğlu shared his vision for a nature and human-centred and equitable city. Delivering his speech in Turkish, Mayor İmamoğlu thanked the guests for their attendance, and said, “Home to over 70 consulates, Istanbul is the city with the third highest number of consulates in the world, after New York City and Hong Kong. Istanbul is a city that has absorbed the culture of diplomacy with its historical heritage that spans millennia. I am aware of the significance and value of the international position of Istanbul, which currently has 40 sister cities, and has signed cooperation protocols with 24 other cities around the world. And I consider myself responsible for enhancing the function of Istanbul in terms of inter-state and inter-city cultural cooperation.”

“There is another task I have assigned myself. As you know, there are many ironic sayings about diplomacy. One of these goes: ‘Mostly, I find myself having to say things that are different from what I think. They call it diplomacy.’ So, I’m assigning myself the task of running the international relations of this city without saying anything different from what I actually think,” the Mayor added.

Later in his speech, Mayor İmamoğlu stated that until recently, cities have been generally defined by the economic value they produced. He noted, “The thing that usually defined a city’s character was the economic activity of that particular city. For instance, we used to talk about trade cities, industrial cities and tourism cities. Yet in today's world, we use new and different words when thinking and talking about cities. Perhaps as a reaction to the extreme growth and expansion of cities, and our estrangement from nature and ourselves, our new concepts about cities are all related to nature and humans. For instance, we keep talking about environmentally-friendly cities, sustainable cities. Children-friendly, women-friendly, disability-friendly, old age-friendly cities –  we keep talking about them. We liken the cities we live in to humans, and we want our cities to be creative, virtuous and fair just like a human beins. And therefore, we try to look around with concepts such as ‘creative city’, ‘virtuous city ’, ‘ fair city’, and reshape our cities in the light of these concepts.”

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